War of Jurassic (Unreleased)

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All your progress will be kept when this title released.
We released the game during its development stage, and sincerely hope you can try it and share your comments with us. We firmly believe that together we can make the game better!

Welcome to this brand new SLG! Many new gameplay and systems were added to the game, which will make the in-game development more smooth and the game fairer.


[Population-oriented Development]
A brand new gameplay for developing your castle! Your castle will become stronger and more prosperous by increasing the population and distributing the resources in your castle! Work hard to develop the population in your castle!

[New Ways for Research]
Schedule your people to do the research, and acquire Research Points. Use the Research Point to directly unlock the technology you want. Say goodbye to the annoying research queue!

[A Fairer Game]
It won’t appear any unbeatable super castles. All players will have competitions fairly.

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