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Classic snake game as seen on legendary indestructible phone in 1997 reimagined and brought again back to life for all the fans, old and new ones. Relive the old snake now!

Remember the good old days? The 90s, the 97, the time, when the king of phones was the indestructible phone. These were the days when the snake first time have seen the light of the day.

It were simpler days – no microtransactions, no f2p, no sharing on social networks, just gameplay, just classic snake game. No watch an add to progress or buy diamonds to speed up timers, just and only skill. Do you miss those days? Are you still a fan? Do you want the classic snake back better as ever?

The 90s are over, there is no way to return to 1997, unless someone has a time machine. Well, we sort of have… We have taken the snake game and reimagined it for our time. No inapp purchases, no microtransactions, just the classic snake game with new graphics and leaderboards, so all the snake fans can compete for the titles of snake champion, snake master and even snake king.

All completely free, no strings attached. If you are a true fan and want to support us, you can watch a video add, but that is completely up to you. We are fans of the 90s and the indestructible nokia, so we don’t want to spoil the experience with all the nonsense, which is present in current games. We just love the old snake and want to give the love and place in players minds it deserves.

And if you are new to classic snake, even better! You surely will become a fan. We have spared no effort to bring you classic snake game as a tribute to the legendary nokia.

Even if you don’t remember the 1997 or even the 90s. The charm, simplicity and challenge of the snake is universal!

In this way we want to pay respect to the original snake designers and indestructible phone engineers and we hope to spread the good news and reignite the passion for the classic snake game in old fans and to create also new ones.

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