Angry Witch vs Pumpkin: Scary Halloween Game 2019 2.1 Game apk mod

Angry Witch vs Pumpkin: Scary Halloween Game 2019 2.1 Game apk mod

Description of Angry Witch vs Pumpkin: Scary Halloween Game 2019 Download Android APK Mod

Angry Witch vs Pumpkin: Scary Halloween Game 2019 2.1 Game apk mod Long ago there was a heartless and cruel witch in the land of Salem. Flyer witch was dreaded for her deadly magic and witchcraft in this angry aves haunted game. Her strengths couldn’t be contained and she was unstoppable witch hat. All the creatures were afraid of her. One day they all gathered and made a redemptive and clever plan. They all wanted to get rid of her. But one thing they did not know, the witch was not like that from the beginning in this type of single witch games. Her heart was soft as a flower. Word witch brought happiness to people in this spooky run witch game. She helped strangers and travelers. She had two beautiful twin daughters and loved them the most.

Unfortunately one day everything was taken from her in this Halloween fun. Vampires on witch hunt burnt her haven and fled away. Her twin daughters were soon into ashes, she was left alone in the world. From that moment on she is seeking revenge for her loss.
One night, when the crazy flying witch was busy doing her magic spells, making magic potions, offering a sacrifice, they all made a move. A move to teal pumpkin eliminates the evil for forever. However, they forgot the witch is powerful before than ever. Our angry witch is on a hunt with pumpkin shooter. No one can escape her wrath and magic. Wizard of the Salem is unleashed. Her magic potions are her power. Now you have to help the angry witch to take the revenge from the evil. This witch game is the most exciting and adventurous best Halloween game of 2019. Kill anything which comes in your way and is the savior of the Salem.

Witch’s hat has the power to foresee the future and broom will take you to the heights of the sky. Her magic potions can summon the dead. Zombies, werewolves, and bats are secret forces. Join them all and bring glory. Hunt down the ghosts, dragons, and vampires. Maximum kills will unlock challenging missions. Ahaa and her magic wand will cast the strongest magic for you.

Angry Witch on Scary Run is the top scary game of 2019. You will face the scary ghosts, fire breathing dragons, blood-sucking vampires and what not. Don’t be afraid of any of that, we know you can do it. You have the cloak and ring to get past all the obstacles. Upgrade your avatar, select the fastest broomstick, and buy the expensive potion. Pixie dust will make your opponents blind helping you to kill as many as possible. But don’t just sprinkle away the dust.
So what are you waiting for? Grab a broom and help the witch and be a savior.

**** Features of Angry Witch on Scary Run ****

⭐ High-Quality 3D Graphics
⭐ Amazing Sound Effects
⭐ Smooth and Easy Controls
⭐ Upgrades on Magic Wands, Brooms
⭐ Variety of Costumes
⭐ Addictive game-play
⭐ Thrilling and Scary Story Lines
⭐ Challenging and exciting Missions
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Information of Angry Witch vs Pumpkin: Scary Halloween Game 2019

App Name Angry Witch vs Pumpkin: Scary Halloween Game 2019 v2.1
Genre Arcade, Games
Size42.6 MB
Latest Version2.1
Get it On Google Play
Rating ( 520 )

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