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Boruto became Hokage’s greatest hope of future generations. With the power of the results of training with his father Naruto and the moves that are difficult to learn,
then Boruto is the next generation of Hokage Naruto Next Generation
Mission Mode Based On the next generation Anime Storyline!
• Mission Mode allows you to relive the adventure of the BORUTAGE ultimate 4 and the story of konoha.
• Battle through bolt destiny from the anime.

Voltage Ninja Impact Skills and Powerful Attacks!
• Fighting skills include chakra mode, chidori, raikiri and rasengan combination attacks for massive impact damage.
• Ninja storm blazing with bortox skills can turn the tide of battle in your road to evolution.
• Fighting closely with your nsuns team allows for great combo, use your sharingan with kunai and shuriken striker.
• We update the list of special moves such as rasengan, chidori, kagebunshin no jutsu, tiger attack, ninja voltages, etc.

Fight Ninja blazing from Around the World in Borutomate Online Multiplayer Games!
• Battle against accel hero in multiplayer mode revolution.
• Join together and take on storm 4 missions with up to 3 other shinobi strike.
• Play this extreme 3D fighting games offline or online.
• Huge konoha nsuns4 heroes selection: Borutimate uzumaki, Uchiha, Sarada, Sasuke, Mitsuki, Kawaki, Iwabee, Hokage, Sakura, Metal Lee, Kakashi, Shippuden, Orochimaru, Hyuga Himawari, etc.
• Download this 3D android fighting games for FREE!

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